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These items are in the prints. 

Some are obvious; some are hidden.



Wildcat Lodge


All the States of the SEC Teams in the           Stones of the Fireplace

8 National Championship Trophies

7 Wildcat Cubs

Duke Blue Devil

Photo of Caywood Ledford

Photo of Adolph Rupp

Photo of Kyle Macy

Photo of Bill Keightley

Arkansas Razorback

Alabama Elephant

Missouri Tiger

Mississippi State Bulldog

LSU Tiger

Texas A&M Collie

Georgia Bulldog

Ole Miss Rebel

Florida Gator

Vandy Commodore

South Carolina Gamecock

Tennessee Volunteer Hound Dog

Auburn Tiger

Photo of 1996 National Championship           Team

Photo of 1948 National Championship           Team

2012 National Championship Pennant

1948-49-51-52-78-96-98-2012 National          Championship Banners

UK Clock

Kentucky Wildcats Avenue Street Sign

UK Fireplace Grate

1996 National Championship Ring

Friendly Little Game Afghan

No 1 Greater UK Hat

John Calipari Maker’s Mark Bottle

Mary (Artist’s Mother) Tattoo

Initials DVB

Initials BJB

Initials TAK





Wayne Turner

Tony Delk

Travis Ford

Jeff Sheppard

Jamal Mashburn

Cameron Mills

Kenny Skywalker

John Wall

Tayshaun Prince

John Pelphrey

Sam Bowie

Cliff Hawkins

Ron Mercer

Scott Padgett

Nazi Mohammed

Jodie Meeks

Alex Groza

Demarcus Cousins

Anthony Davis

Julius Randle

Bill Keightley

Tubby Smith

Dan Issel

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Kyle Macy

Jack Givens

Melvin Turpin

Cliff Hagen

Frank Ramsey

Wallace “Wahwah” Jones

Adolph Rupp

Pat Riley

Ralph Beard

Caywood Ledford

Bill Spivey

Cotton Nash

Rex Chapman

Larry Conley

Jimmy Dan Conner

John Calipari

Ed Davender

Louie Dampier

Derek Anderson

Antione Walker



  • All of the Championship Years (so far) – ’48, ’49, ’51, ’58, ‘78, ’96, ‘98

  • All of the Kentucky coaches last names – Rupp, Hall, Sutton, Pitino, Smith, Gillispie, and Calipari

  • Teresa (Artist’s late fiancée)

  • Mary (Artist’s late mother)

  • DVB (Artist’s son’s initials)

  • Crown (Represents “King of The Court”)

  • Wildcat paw

  • Cat eating Cardinal – State bird – (Cardinal bird was a UofL fan)



This print not only represents Kentucky basketball, it also represents what the state of Kentucky is known for; Thoroughbred horse racing, the Kentucky Derby (the hot air balloon race and the Run for the Roses), Bourbon, Tobacco, Farming and, of course, Kentucky Wildcat basketball.


Wildcat Vacation




UK Wildcat, Duke Blue Devil, Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gator, Louisville Cardinal, Ole Miss Reel, Auburn Tiger, IU Hoosier, Vanderbilt Commodore, Tennessee Hound Dog, South Carolina Gamecock


UK Wildcat


Tattoo: Mary 1927 – 2001, Artist’s mother

Pin: Guardian Angel/Ribbon

Ring: NCAA Championship

Chair: DMB Artist’s initials

Dock: Teresa, Cat paw, 1951, Hall, 1996

Cooler: Wildcat Cola, Cat paws

KFG: Bucket of Kentucky Fried Gamecock


Duke Blue Devil


Necklace: Pentagram

Tattoo: Barbwire on left bicep, flame pinstripe on left forearm

Book Fine Print: (1) The fun and easy way to learn how to play the game of basketball by

    cheating and playing dirty.  Visit us at (2) Tips on dream catching,

    voodoo, soul selling and soul stealing, as well as working the refs included.


Wildcat Cruiser


Fishing: Daryk, Artist’s son and avid fisherman

Crew: Gilligan’s Island

Wildcat Eyes

Cat claws: Ripping on side

Go Big Blue: Seven 3’s before and after for 7 NCAA

Championship Basketball goal


Fishing Boat


UK Minnow

KY 1948 – 49


Florida Gator’s

Shirt: 2006 Championship




Mt. Ruppmore: Rupp, Hall, Pitino, Smith 1998

Grassy Knoll (left): Muskrat, Tubby, CATS in blue wildflowers

Right Rock Bank: Jesus, Sutton, Cateye Butterfly

Bobber: Blue and white attached to Cardinal bait

Bass: 4 hidden in the water

Dock (left): Daryk, 1958, Tub-o-Nuts, shark fin, snorkeling equipment

Trees and grass: Rupp, heart db+tk, 1978




My Big Blue Heaven


This is my version of a Kentucky Heaven:


When you die and stand before the gates of heaven, Caywood Ledford asks your name and looks to see if you are on the list.  If you are, Adolph Rupp gives you a ticket to get in.

As you go in, one angel (Ashley Judd) cheers for you while another angel (Ashley Judd) takes your ticket and hands you a basketball. 

Dale Earnhardt (who represents competition) pats you on the back and welcomes you into heaven.  He then instructs you to get your uniform. 

As you walk through the gates, Jimi Hendrix plays “My Old Kentucky Home” on his guitar and Elvis sings.  The angel with the white flower in her hair is my mother “Mary”.  She represents all of our loved ones who have gone before us that we hope we will be reunited with someday in heaven.

Then Bill Keightley (Mr. Wildcat) gives you your uniform and you get to go down to the court and play in a Kentucky basketball game with your favorite players. 

In “My Big Blue Heaven” you get to experience the thrill of being cheered on by millions of Kentucky fans.  Then you’ll know what it’s like to be in heaven…but only if you’re a true blue fan.


Note – The Angel between Caywood Ledford and Adolph Rupp is Michael Brent.  Michael was in an accident in 1997 and was paralyzed from the neck down.  He and his friends and family started “Friends For Michael”.  He died in spring of 2007.  He was a huge UK fan and my friend.  He now stands in heaven between two UK legends.


List of items in the print


Blue Angels team with “Go Big Blue” in smoke

Cat paw

Artist in gazing basketball

Four gold wildcats

The year “1998” in small numbers in draped flowers

A big “4” in the draped flowers on left column

A big “9” in the draped flowers on right column (’49)

Monitor showing close up view of Jesus dunking in

        center court against five Duke blue devils

One referee in center court (the only one to ever go to


No Duke Fans Allowed sign

Urn with small “1951”

Caywood Ledford w/list of UK fans to be admitted

Angel – The late Michael Brent

Adolph Rupp handing you a ticket to get in

South Park’s Kenny

Angel – Ashley Judd

 Jimi Hendrix w/”1978” on guitar strap

 Shape of state of Kentucky in cloud

 Bill Keightley (Mr. Wildcat)

 Angel – Artist’s mother “Mary”


 Artist’s son “Daryk”

 Princess Diana

 Angel – Ashley Judd

 Custom Framer Tereasa King

 Dale Earnhardt Sr. w/words and symbols on uniform

 Urn with small “1958”

 No UofL Fans Allowed

 The year “1996” in small numbers in flowers

 Artist in gazing basketball

 Wildcat eye in clouds

 Three big “K” banners

 “Go Cats” sign

 Try to find the initials DVB



Big Blue Christmas


  • Mary (Artist's late mother)

  • Tereasa (Artist’s late fiancée)

  • Picture of Tereasa, Daryl's fiancee that passed away in 2010 while he was creating      this beautiful print    

  • UK




Blue Kentucky Thunder


  • Kentucky

  • Shape of the state of Kentucky

  • Teardrop

  • Rupp's tombstone   




Wildcat Country


  • All of the Championship Years (so far) – ’48, ’49, ’51, ’58, ‘78, ’96, ‘98, ‘12

  • Mary (Artist's late mother)

  • Jesus

  • Initials DVM (Artist's son's initials)

  • Initials TAK (Artist's late fiancee's initials)

  • BJB (Artist's fiancee's initials)

  • CATS

  • 381 (Our record last year)

Family Tradition


  • Outline of the state of Kentucky

  • The word "Kentucky"

  • The word "Wildcats"

  • The word "Basketball"

  • "SMITH"

  • "PITINO"

  • "HALL"

  • "RUPP"

  • "SUTTON"

  • "Four leaf clovers"

  • "CROSS"

  • The word "Champions"

  • "7 Stars"

Family Tradition Item List.docx

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