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Daryl M. Benningfield


Daryl M. Benningfield was born in 1956 in Lebanon, Kentucky and moved to Louisville in 1961.


At the early age of 6, Daryl began to show his artistic ability by winning awards in elementary school.  His talents continued at home by experimenting with watercolors and oil painting.  Daryl's mother was instrumental in encouraging his desire to be creative and express himself through his artwork.


During his high school years he was fortunate to tour Europe.  There he observed the art of the masters.  This inspired him to further his studies, which included the Louisville School of Art and the University of Kentucky.  Now as an accomplished artist, he is inspired by ideas that test an artist's true ability.


The medium in which Daryl creates his artwork is as unlimited as his subject matter.  He is able to use oil paints, watercolor, pastels, airbrush, PrismaColor pencils and even computer graphics to create his popular artwork.


Daryl's priority is to achieve a realistic effect in composition, detail and color.  Before Daryl begins a piece, he does extensive research and planning to ensure that the final effect is perceived just as he envisioned it.  This can be tedious and stressful work because of his attention to detail.  However, Daryl reveals his humorous side by hiding items in his prints. 


We are certain you will find that Daryl has accomplished his objectives as an artist and will join the thousands of people who collect, enjoy and appreicate his art.

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